Mrs. Pimpi, my kitchen, delicious food and the three biggest mistakes at Blogger Relations

Luzia Pimpinella Portrait | Interview Last time there was a lot of green salad love here - today there is great blogger love. Nic Hildebrandt aka Mrs. Pimpi makes one of the greatest blogs I know: Luzia Pimpinella. She writes beautiful lyrics wonderfully from the liver, has a fantastic eye for great photos, bursts with creativity for DIYs and skin out even great food out. And obendruff she is a totally lovable person in real life. Since I want to cut off on my lousy Blogger days, which feel like ugh crispbread, always a very big slice.

 Luzia Pimpinella cactus pillow DIY |  Luzia Pimpinella DYI Fruit Bag |

 Make Luzia Pimpinella Ice Cream Yourself | Interview Luzia Pimpinella Travel | GourmetGuerilla.comLuzia Pimpinella Food | Interview Mrs. Pimpi likes what I do in a delightful way. And after we got rid of slapstick our bloggers love (you're great, no you, no, you, no, you're great), she gave me a few questions about mine in a mini-interview strong> cuisine, delicious food in Hamburg and the three biggest mistakes made by Blogger Relations . You can now read my (not so short) answers with Mrs. Pimpi.

And if you do not feel like it, read something else from her. Because I'm sure you'll love her too. Liebööö!

Luzia Pimpinella Portrait | Interview