The fastest Provencal chicken in the world. Or: Dear Alfred Biolek, thank you very much for everything.

Alfred Biolek's Provencal Chicken #recipe #gourmetguerilla It may come as a surprise (some like it because of the headline may have already guessed), but I would like to dedicate this recipe to Alfred Biolek. And that, even though it actually comes from him. Nevertheless - or just because of that. It's not just a recipe, it's a heartfelt piece of memory.

I see, I have to explain that a little bit more now. So first and foremost, I return my love of cooking to my grandmother. For further initial firing then my English and philosophy teacher Dr. dr. Reinhold Hülsewiesche with his fantastic pasta sauce while cooking class and - permanent - Mr. Biolek. After all, when Grandma was gone and I moved to college, Mr. Biolek eventually appeared on my TV radar, chatting with his guests, making me want my first cookbook for Christmas: cooking with organic.

Shortly thereafter, I also bought a sofa from IKEA 2nd choice in Dorsten, drove a lot of colorful crockery and old pots at the flea market in Recklinghausen, left home and landed with all the stuff and two hotplates finally in a tiny 2-room apartment in Ewaldstraße in Herten. After all, incredibly abnabelnde 400 m as the crow flies from my parents' apartment.

The fastest Provencal chicken in the world. Or: Dear Alfred Biolek, thank you very much for everything. Back then I started cooking completely new and unknown things. For example, the delicious Fastest Chicken in the World from page 100 on Cooking with Bio . I still remember how I discovered completely new worlds of taste and then proudly invited my mother to dinner. However, I'm not sure if my hair was in a delightful light blue or dazzling orange at the time ... There was definitely the Provençal chicken with green beans and rice. With a butt in my mouth, I was a revolution in the kitchen, happy in front of my hotplates and stirring in the colorful old pots. My poor mother, who had never been able to tolerate cigarette smoke very well, soon turned quite green in the face, but bravely kept on and then consumed the chicken even harmoniously with me. I think she tasted it all the same. Sorry, mum. I was only 19 years old. (A.d.V .: I stopped smoking ages ago).

The great chicken has actually been forgotten a bit at some point - it has not been cooked by me for years. But when the dusty copy Koch mit Bio fell into my hands the very last time I cleaned up the bookshelf, I suddenly remembered everything. It is still a very simple and delicious dish with a refined touch. One must not tilt too little of a very good wormwood in the pot. The combination of butter, creme fraiche, tomatoes, garlic and thyme makes it all perfect - and just irresistible. It's best to get into this sauce.

Well, thank you Mr. Biolek for a great fork and all the culinary memories. (Um, does the "Abnabelungsgericht" actually exist?)

My favorite episode of alfredissimo on TV is the one with Helmut Berger and his spaghetti Vongole. " Maria, polish, polish !" Simply divine. And to see on this DVD.Cut the meat into approx. 4 larger strips.

Heat in a pan 1 tablespoon butter and 1 tablespoon olive oil and keep the chicken sharp. Fry for 4 minutes from both sides until browned.

3-4 garlic cloves peel and chop. Stir the garlic into the pan with 3 tablespoons sweet pepper , then deglaze with 1 large tin of peeled tomatoes . Reduce the heat, add 1 teaspoon dried thyme , 1 teaspoon salt and 1/8 liters vermouth and cover with a lid for about 15 minutes

and 1 1 cup creme fraiche (JAAA!) in the pan and simmer for another 5 minutes until the sauce is creamy is.

My personal recommendation: At the very end, add a small extra amount of wormwood to the sauce and season with salt.

Tip: The Provençal chicken can match rice and green beans or just a slice of crispy baguette.

And a request: Cook the chicken never in the sauce, otherwise it will be hard and squeaky. In Germany, one has an astonishing panic of Salmonella poisoning. But give the chicken a chance - it should go through, of course, but still a little bit moist and juicy inside.

Chicken in Provençal tomato sauce with rice and green beans

The fastest Provencal chicken in the world. Or: Dear Alfred Biolek, thank you very much for everything.

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