Knight cake without baking

The child became "5" last Tuesday. Unfortunately, the Damocles of the working mums hit me with full force: My client held his international marketing meeting for four days - and my presence was clearly desired. So while I was in Wiesbaden with a very bad conscience and met people from 10 to 15 countries, the man staged a dream birthday with balloons, candles, a Benjamin flower cake and a hoppy pyramid. Thank you ;-))

Tomorrow will be the birthday party. Conveniently, of the 8 children invited, all 8 have agreed (the man and I are a bit scared now!). The child wanted a knight cake for the occasion. Since we have exchanged the 20-year-old stove with oven for a brand new dishwasher and induction hotplates before Christmas, there is currently no oven for Rittertortenbacken.

Super Mum makes it possible anyway ;-))) Here comes the result made-to-order cakes, ice cream wafers, chocolate biscuits and tons of chocolate couverture as cement and mortar as well as two hours of architectural work: