Former Thai but now as Vietnamese unmasked noodle soup "Pho"

Attention, here comes a confession: I'm not soooo the Blogevent mouse. To be honest, I'm almost totally unfit to participate in blog events. Schokiert? I never really get to think of extra dishes or compositions on a certain topic, which can then be quickly put together after work and also fit into our diet. And when I finally have an idea AND time, everything is over again. Yeah.

Luckily, Uwe and the white Shirataki did it by accident (have you voted already?). But now I have another real chance for a real and serious participation: The first blog event, which aligns the sweet Alex of my icing on the cake (Jaaaaaaaaa!), Fits like a fist on bucket to the GourmetGuerilla:

Here comes the briefing: "Your day was bad until you stopped, everything went awry and the only prospect of improvement is the dinner. Of course, this has to be done very quickly, because nerves and energy for elaborate dinners are just not there anymore. "All right, understood. We have something right for you:

Thai Noodle Soup . Vietnamese Noodle Soup (see comment from icyece) It's fast, full of fresh, fantastic aromas, stimulating spiciness, crunchy vegetables and herbs. There is also 1-cattle hips. The fresh ingredients are simply distributed raw in soup bowls and infused with boiling broth. Fresh and green! This is guaranteed to save every lousy day:

Here's how it works for 2 people:

50 Soak rice noodles in hot water as per package instructions and then strain.

4 cm of fresh ginger and 1 red small (!) chili pepper fine chop and boil in 1 liter of water . Season with 3 tablespoons of fish sauce and 1 tablespoon of soy sauce .

2 small paksoi , 4 spring onions chop a few Thai asparagus stakes and 1 handful of Thai basil and cilantro .
Cut 100 g bovine hip into very fine slices.

Put the white of the pakshoi and the spar to the broth in the pot and boil briefly.

Distribute rice noodles, herbs, vegetables and meat on 2 large bowls and scoop in the boiling broth. Stir, season with the juice of a lime slit and possibly garnish with herbs.
This looks like this:

And then: