A lightning strike from the ambush: Creamy asparagus Coleslaw with Coppa rolls in the taco bowl

A frolic must prioritize. And see when it's better to dandruffly retreat from the devastated (kitchen) battlefield to 1. acquire a finished product and 2. devise alternative attack plans. In the meantime, I'm actually really happy that my homemade taco bowls have gone totally astray in crucial points from the ideal course. Very pitted by the total taco defeat, I stomped directly into the supermarket to Mexico shelf and defiantly torn finished taco cups to me.

In terms of the alternative attack plan, I have decided, no further energy in Teigfirlefanz to stick and prefer to reconsider the recipe in principle. Because that looks like raw asparagus slices in the original. Yes, exactly: asparagus. Raw. I must admit that my confidence in the taco skirmish was so shaken that I now clearly suspect the other components as well. To be sure, I bit into a raw asparagus. Not a good idea - unless you are a cow and graze otherwise quite happy on green fields. No, ineffable.

But the thought of using raw asparagus did not let me go that easy. Maybe it could work in combination with other vegetables and in a spicy-creamy environment? I remembered Coleslaw, whom I liked so much last summer. Lightning-like, the raw ingredients including asparagus were shredded and mixed with spiced mayo in a bowl. And - who would have guessed it? - the asparagus gets a completely new identity. Heavenly! Delicious! Great!

Anyone having trouble with uncooked cabbage will love the asparagus variant. Even otherwise you can just close the asparagus coleslaw (without cabbage) warm in his heart. Especially when even a small Coppa rolls with a fried asparagus rod strategically placed on top in position. Together in the crispy taco bowl a real and unexpected kitchen flash victory:

And so it goes for 4 as an appetizer or 2 as a main course:

Wash green asparagus and remove the woody ends (see above). Heat in a pan 1 shot of olive oil and fry the asparagus spears with the tops. When the asparagus is slightly browned, season with coarse salt and black pepper and pan in the pan. Fry for a few minutes until the asparagus is soft, but firm.Top with a Coppa roll and serve immediately. If you like, decorate with the fried asparagus tips and chopped chervil.

Tip: Low carb friends give a treat the taco bowl and eat the whole as a salad. If the asparagus coleslaw is to come to the office for lunch, simply break the taco shell into pieces or replace it with a few nachos and sprinkle over the salad.

GourmetGuerilla - Asparagus Coleslaw with Coppa Rolls in Taco Bowl